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MayByrd Media is a digital marketing agency founded in 2016 in Brooklyn, New York that focuses on local businesses but also provides comprehensive marketing services to businesses internationally, 

Our story began with fulfilling a need for marketing services for local-based businesses and organizations. Our very first client was a new non-traditional church start-up. Their target market was reaching a new generation of potential members who did not currently attend any church. Our marketing approach was to capture and communicate their story to resonate with people who did not participate in church and may have an aversion for or dislike the church. Our research derived that the #1 people in our target market did not go to church because they believed the church was too judgemental. We needed to find a way to communicate that this organization did not fit that profile on all marketing material. Our team came up with the slogan: “No perfect people allowed.” It was a hit and helped to generate an audience of 300 people at their very first service. The lesson to us and all marketers is to know the audience you aim to communicate with and speak directory to them in their language.


We quickly grew and currently provide services to businesses in virtually any industry. While we enthusiastically serve businesses of all sizes and in any industry, we have a heart and passion for businesses that serve a local market. Locally based businesses are the heart of the economy for local communities and also for the country. 

As professional marketers, the MayByrd Media team is committed to learning our craft and continuously increasing our knowledge of and experience in public relations, marketing, and communication to help you achieve success.

Combining our marketing knowledge with your understanding of your particular industry will be a powerful and productive partnership. We are fully committed to helping your business get more leads, more customers, and more revenue.