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Why do you need digital marketing services? Because digital marketing can increase the demand for your product or service overnight.

Perhaps you have been doing digital marketing for your business on your own. That’s great! We always encourage our clients to increase their marketing knowledge and to be involved with the process. However, it is likely not enough to help your business reach its sales potential. The foundation of our digital marketing strategy is to partner with your knowledge of your business and your industry. 

As professional marketers, the MayByrd Media team is committed to learning our craft and continuously increasing our knowledge of and experience in public relations, marketing, and communication to help you achieve success.

Combining our marketing knowledge with your understanding of your particular industry will be a powerful and productive partnership. We are fully committed to helping your business get more leads, more customers, and more revenue.

Our services include social media marketing, creating and managing Google My Business pages, website creation, search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and more.

As a client, you will receive regular reports (daily, weekly, monthly- however often you choose) for the agreed-upon marketing channels.  For social media marketing services, you will have access to a proprietary dashboard so that you can approve social media posts if you choose to or can also post in addition to MayByrd Media’s activities. 

In addition, you will have access to your customer portal.  Through the customer portal, you can approve estimates, collaborate on projects, see appointment details for any meetings that we have scheduled together. You can also send messages to your MayByrd Media marketing team or create support tickets from the portal if you need any help.